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Lighting affects productivity during the home office (Photo: Reproduction / Pexels)

Many offices already working again, but about 8.4 million professionals were still working home office in July, according to the latest survey by the Institute of Applied Economic Research (Ipea). In addition, several companies have already announced that they should continue to operate remotely for a long time.

Many entrepreneurs had to improvise spaces for job in the bedroom, in the living room or in the kitchen during the first six months of the pandemic and did not have time to think about details, such as lighting. However, with the imminent extension of the experiment, it may be a good idea to rethink this issue now.

The architect Nicole Gomes specializes in lighting residential and corporate spaces and comments that if the environment has a dual purpose, such as working and sleeping, different lighting is necessary, but it is possible to balance without spending a lot. Check out some tips:

Integrated spaces: if the home office space is integrated with any social area, the tip is to invest in a table lamp with differentiated design. In this way, it is possible to integrate the item decoration and prepare for the hours of intense work.

Light tones: Nicole explains that the color of the lamp is very important. If it is too white, for example, it shakes too much and gets tired in a few hours. The yellow ones make people more relaxed, instead of productive. “Ideally, you should use a neutral lamp. If your home office is integrated, standardize the shade of the light and use a table lamp ”, he explains.

Pendant or direct light: The expert says that if the environment is intended exclusively for the home office, the focus of the room lighting should be the work table. The tip is to place the light on the table and not behind it, as this can generate shadow.

Home office no quarto: if your workspace is in the bedroom, you need to balance the lighting for both work and sleep. The tip is to invest in a support light on the table. It can be a lamp, a sconce or profile in the joinery, if applicable. “The important thing is that the work area is illuminated so as not to strain the view or leave shadows,” he explains.

If the table lamp is emitting very bright light, a dimmer (intensity control) solves the issue. The ideal is that the two lights, both the table and the bedroom, have a separate lighting to make the space more comfortable.

Home office at the dining table: if this is the case, the light needs to be more homogeneous. Under the decoration bias, the height of the pendant must be up to 90 centimeters in order not to dazzle and make the environment more comfortable.


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