Youtuber Rato Borrachudo with 3.41 MI subscribers may lose channel after strikes


Content creator affirms injustice and awaits platform decision

O Youtuber de games Drunken Rato is running the risk of having your channel with 3.41 million subscribers permanently deleted from YouTube. The content creator shared on his Twitter last Sunday (20) that his account would be closed on account of several notices of copyright infringement. Although the platform claims that the notifications are valid, Rato Borrachudo argues that the charges were “architected“. Understand the case:

Copyright on YouTube

A pseudonym for Douglas, the Rubber Rat is known for wearing a mouse mask and sunglasses in his videos. Its content is diverse, with videos of your daily life, analysis of peripherals and video games and even electronic / mechanical experiments. The “Rato Borrachudo” channel was created in January 3, 2007 and has (at the time of this news) 604,879,985 views. With 13 years of existence, it is possible that one of the older game channels will be permanently deleted from YouTube.


According to Youtuber, the video platform sent a notification on September 18th claiming that the channel would be closed on the 24th of the same month due to copyright infringement (the claim is popularly known as strike). Three notices /strikes would be enough for YouTube to take down a channel, but the screenshot on his Twitter profile shows that Rato Borrachudo received four Notifications.

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“The way the stop was made, it was done to harm”

Mouse explained that in this case, only a strike was needed, since he only used seconds the content of a video specific in several of his productions. But the rights holder, who is actually a other Youtuber, separated the violation notifications into blocks for seize a loophole company policy and press cancel Rubber Rat.

THE Adrenaline got in touch with the Rubber Mouse to find out about his current situation. Youtuber explained that what is happening to him “does not make any sense. It’s as if you broke a traffic law and lost your apartment so“.

The message also states that any associated channels will be closed. In this case, the gameplay channel “Ratão Plays” with 178 thousand registered it also runs the risk of being erased. Currently, no action can be taken by the creator on the main channel, including the upload new videos.

Because of this, in a new address on the platform called “I’m Douglas“, Rato Borrachudo explained that he received a extrajudicial notice demanding a “exorbitant” cash value. As payment was not possible, he filed an appeal to prevent the channel from falling and also tried to contact the party claiming his rights, which does not seem to have helped the situation.

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“The platform is in charge. So, what am I going to do?”

YouTube policy allows the channel owner to dispute content. “You can dispute the copyright claim. When you dispute a claim, the copyright holder is notified and has 30 days to respond“, explains the platform on its support page. However, other legal processes may occur in the case of Rato Borrachudo if he does not pay a requested amount to the rights holder.


No moment, Rato Borrachudo sent a counter-notification to recover his YouTube channel. According to his lawyers, he has not committed any copyright crime in Brazil, but we still do not know how the case will be resolved. YouTube will validate the counter notification and deliver it to the party that claimed the rights.

If the prosecution party does not accept the counter notification and processe or Rato Drunk, or YouTube will go permanently delete the channel, even if the content creator has resources for their legal defense. Like plano B, Youtuber created the channel I’m Douglas to post videos provisionally (or permanently in the worst case).

It is unfair to lose a life’s work because of a fantastical copyright infringement where I have not broken the law. There was no conversation, nothing. I’m feeling very helpless about it “.
– Rubber Mouse for Adrenaline

It is unfair to lose a life’s work because of a fantastical copyright infringement where I have not broken the law. There was no conversation, nothing. I’m feeling very helpless about it “.
– Rubber Mouse for Adrenaline

It is important to remember that the article mentions only the “side” of the Mouse Rat because he chose to do not disclose YouTuber who performed the copyright notifications. The decision is not to make fans go after that person to harm him.


According to YouTube, after up to 30 days, the other side should send a answer for the dispute, which can be:
Cancel the claim: If he agrees to the dispute, he can cancel the claim. If the accused was monetizing the video, the monetization settings will be automatically restored when all claims on the video are canceled;
Keep claim: If he believes the claim is still valid, it can be upheld. If the accused believes that it was wrongly maintained, it is possible to challenge the decision.
Remove your video: The content owner can submit a copyright takedown request to delete their video from YouTube. Thus, the accused will receive a copyright notice in his account. A video can receive multiple removal requests or Content ID claims, but only one copyright strike at a time.
Do nothing and wait for the claim to expire: If there is no response within 30 days, the claim on the video will expire and the accused will not need to do anything else.


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