2-year-old girl sends her mother’s nudes to 15 people on social media


American Emily Schmitt, 30, was surprised to find that one of her daughters – little Carsyn, 2 – sent a nude picture of 15 of her Snapchat contacts.

According to the Kennedy News & Media agency, Emily let the girl play with her cell phone while drying her hair, but did not imagine that the child was taking pictures of her butt.

The mother, who has three other daughters and lives in Ohio, in the United States, only realized when she was warned by friends who received the message. In addition to people close to her, she says the photo was also sent to former co-workers and faculty. In all, 15 people received the image.

“I literally think I died for a minute and then came back to life so I could tell people what happened,” he recalls. “Fortunately it was Snapchat, so we have to think about the good points. The photo was not saved and no one took a screenshot.”

Emily also says that, in the moment of despair, she was surprised by her husband’s reaction. “When I called my husband, Derek, he burst out laughing and said, ‘Only Carsyn would do that, I’m upset that she didn’t send it to me,'” he joked.

Girl sent nudes from mom on social network


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