4 guidelines for your child to avoid coronavirus


With the return of school activities, much has been discussed about what needs to be done so that students can learn without this meaning an increased risk of dissemination of Covid-19.

After months away from school, children are eager to interact with classmates and teachers. Some care becomes essential, especially at snack time, when the child will handle food and have closer contact with colleagues.

The task of teaching the procedures of this new reality is not an easy one and should be seen as working together with family and school professionals. It makes it easier if parents train safety protocols with children at home, even before they return to school.

According to nutritionist Ryung Minami, from Sapore, a company that has restaurants installed in some private Brazilian schools, the school’s staff also need to be trained to help and guide students properly.

“In the restaurants and cafeterias of the schools in which we operate, professionals are prepared to think from the ideal menu to strengthen the child’s immunity even to provide guidance on distance,” explains the specialist.

Here are some tips to support your children in returning to school activities:

1. Warn that he can no longer share a snack

Children love to share, be it snacks or utensils like glasses and cutlery. At the present time, it is important that they understand that everyone should have and eat their own things. To help, place cups, napkins and disposable towels in the lunch box / bag.

2. Teach him to wash his hands

By teaching your children to wash their hands properly – especially after blowing their nose, using the bathroom and before eating – you can help them reduce their risk of becoming ill and infecting others.

3. Bet on nutritious foods

The snack should contain nutritious foods, such as fruits, vegetables and cereals. “In the current moment that we live, it is very important to offer a diet rich in nutrients (vitamins, minerals, fibers) to strengthen the health of children”, explains the nutritionist.

4. Instruct you about changing your mask

Lanchou? Then, change the mask. It is important that the child has at least three mask options so that they can make the changes properly and safely. In addition, it is important to teach them how to store in a separate bag in the bag.



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