47-year-old woman dies from Covid after 8 days of being ignored by doctors


THErelatives of a 47-year-old woman who died because of the new coronavirus, on Estremadura, indicate that the patient was unable to get face-to-face medical attention for eight days, even though her condition has worsened significantly and numerous calls have been made to the emergency services.

The patient was taken to the hospital Aceuchal, in Badajoz, on the 11th of October, where he was tested PCR, whose result was positive. Her husband and one of her children also test positive. The woman was already experiencing respiratory symptoms and said she “felt bad”, according to family reports.

On the 15th of October, due to the worsening of symptoms, they insisted with the emergency services and the local health center, but the answer was always the same, that “they were very saturated”. Three hours later, the family was contacted by a doctor, who made an appointment over the phone and prescribed medication.

On the 16th of October, continued to insist with doctors, once fever reached 39 degrees. They indicated that the relative was “disoriented” and that she even “poured foam through her mouth”. He was prescribed tranquilizers, always by telephone, as explained by Cope.

The patient continued to show symptoms and was finally transported to the Hospital de Earth de Barros, where he died at dawn on Monday, 19 October. Family members request responsibility from the regional health service “for the seriousness” of the incident. Among the required responsibilities include those responsible for ignoring the repeated calls to alert the woman to her health status.

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