48 million have seen “Ratched” on Netflix, and the series is already the platform’s biggest hit of 2020. And here comes the second season – Television


The Netflix series “Ratched” is already the largest original production of the popular streaming service in 2020. Since its debut date on the platform less than a month ago, the series starring Sarah Paulson has already exceeded 48 million views by Netflix members.

The production works almost like a prequel to the film from the 70’s “Flying over a Cuckoo’s Nest” – based on the 1962 book of the same name – and introduces the public to nurse Mildred Ratched, before she became one of the most terrifying villains in the history of cinema.

After the incredible success of the series, Netflix has already ordered a second season, although it is still unclear when the new episodes will hit the screen. At an online press conference, actress Sarah Paulson explained that due to the pandemic and multiple projects by producer Ryan Murphy, it is unclear whether the second season of “Ratched” has even started to be written.

The first season has eight episodes, and runs in the year 1947. Given that the movie “Flying over a Cuckoo’s Nest”, starring Jack Nicholson, takes place in the 50s, there is space and history to explore in the new episodes of ” Racthed “.


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