5 credit cards without consulting SPC and Serasa; For negativados!


The negative consumer sees his hands tied when asking for a financial service. Having the CPF listed in credit protection companies, such as SPC and Serasa, makes approvals difficult and creates a limitation in purchasing power.

Another worrying factor is the credit score, established through the Positive Register. Low scores make requests for banking products quite complicated for individuals with a dirty name. However, there are companies that reach out to this audience and offer, for example, credit cards without bureaucracy.

Here are some options.

1 – BMG Card

Banco BMG offers the BMG Card as an option for the negative ones, being also a payroll card. In this way, invoices will be automatically discounted monthly from your clients’ payroll. However, the card is only available to retirees, pensioners and civil servants.

The card has a Mastercard flag, a fact that allows its user to use it both in Brazilian and international territory. In addition, customers also have access to the Mastercard Surpreenda points and benefits program. Withdrawals can be made through ATMs of the Banco24Horas network.

The BMG Card promises to offer one of the lowest rates to the INSS, in addition to not having to pay annuity fees and not to consult the SPC and Serasa for approval of the registration. To request, click here.

2 – Neon

The credit card Neon is offered by Neon Payments, fintech supported by Banco Votorantim. With the Neon card, the customer does not have to pay an annual fee or monthly fees for the payment of services. In addition, Neon allows payment by automatic debit of the invoice, preventing the consumer from forgetting to make the payment and bearing interest.

The Neno card customer can control his spending on the card through the fintech. With it, it is possible to consult the available limit and the amount of the credit card bill in one place.

It also allows your customers to create a virtual credit card, exclusive for online purchases. Thus, the expenses incurred with the virtual card will be part of the bill with the expenses of the physical card. To request, click here.

3 – Brazilian Business Bank

THE Brazilian Business it is a prepaid card that allows its consumers to recharge it with the desired amount and use it in the establishments they want. In addition to the card, the Brazilian Business Bank also offers the loan option to its customers.

The loan is made due to a partnership with the financial company Simplic, which ranges from R $ 500.00 to R $ 10,000. However, the interest rate is considered one of the highest in the market: 15.8% to 17.9%. Thus, the individual who does not pay attention to the payment of the loan installments, may considerably complicate his financial situation.

The consumer can use the card in international territory, in addition to making withdrawals through ATMs of the Banco24Horas network. To request, click here.

4 – Simple Cash Card

A Federal Savings Bank recently launched its new Simple Box Card, with Elo flag. With it, the intention of the state company is to offer the granting of payroll loans, a fact that allows the exclusion of the consultation carried out with the credit protection agencies.

Thus, the card is now available for all of Brazil and can be purchased by INSS retirees and pensioners, who are less than 75 years old. The request must be made at Caixa branches. It is necessary to carry RG, CPF, proof of address and proof of benefit with you to order the new product.

The Caixa Simples Card has one of the lowest interest rates charged by cards: Only 2.85% per month in case of late payment of the invoice. This established amount is up to three times lower than the fees charged by other conventional credit cards.

5 – Olé Consignado

THE Olé Consignado card is offered to civil servants, retirees and INSS pensioners. As Olé does not pay its invoices automatically from the payroll, it does not consult the SPC and Serasa to release its card.

Thus, the card offers several benefits to its consumers, among them the possibility of applying online and because it is also an international card. It is also exempt from annual fees, has the lowest service fees on the market and allows withdrawals.

The card can be monitored through the Olé application, making it possible to consult in real time about the status of your card. In addition, it is also possible for the customer to check his card bill and find out what limit is available. To request, click here.

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