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FIFA 21 is now available for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Launched on the 9th, the new version of the EA Sports football simulator brings the main stars and clubs of the sport in a gameplay aimed at the best response from athletes with or without the ball.

In relation to the previous edition, the game brought changes on and off the field, with the insertion of new movement commands and game modes with greater resources. THE Canaltech prepared a list with tips on some of the main news and how each of them can improve your in-game experience. Check it out below!

1. Use creative racing

New movement formats are available in the game (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

The so-called “creative races” were the main implementation for gameplay in FIFA 21. Now, there are specific commands that influence the movement of players who are not with the ball. It is possible, for example, to ask a teammate to get rid of the opponent’s mark with the “L1 / LB” button, or to ask the player to move to a safer pass option by pressing “R1 / RB”.

After passing the ball, just point the right analog stick in a certain direction for the player to follow that path. In the menu, through the option “Trainer”, it is possible to view the direction of the command. There is also the “Player Lock”, which locks the cursor on a player or player without the ball, giving greater freedom of movement. These innovations create different dynamics in the attack and can be great allies in the construction of plays, generating more goal situations.

2. Learn the new dribbling

Master the game’s dribbling (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

With each edition, new dribbling and feint commands are added. In FIFA 21, this was no different. With a feature called “Agile driving”, it allows players to have greater freedom in dribbling, with simple and fast movements. There are also new commands that can be executed according to the driving attributes of virtual athletes.

To view the complete list of dribbling, go to the “Customize” tab and then select “Fintas”. These commands can be used in normal game modes and VOLTA Football, which recalls the street matches of “Fifa Street”.

3. Play with friends in BACK mode

Build your cast on VOLTA (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

VOLTA Football was initially introduced in FIFA 20, but did not have the reception expected by fans. In the current edition, new features have been added that promise to draw the attention of the community. In addition to facing the artificial intelligence of the game, the street soccer multiplayer mode has been improved, allowing you to create a team with friends and face other teams around the world.

The practice is similar to the Pro Clubs, which have the capacity for games with up to 22 simultaneous players, but are adapted to football in VOLTA mode. The arsenal of dribbling and small field resources are interesting, and the possibility of joining a team for online mode can be a big attraction.

4. Track your FUT progress through apps

Manage your team from anywhere (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

The Fifa Ultimate Team, or FUT, is one of the most popular modes among sports games. It allows you to build your dream team through cards, which include current players, special versions according to performance and legends from the past, such as Pele, Diego Maradona and Ronaldo. An ever-present feature is the ability to follow your team from anywhere, even with the video game off.

There are two applications, the FUT Web App, accessed by browsers, and the FIFA 21 Companion (Android | iOS). In both, it is possible to manage the team created, buy players, open packages in the store and fulfill challenges.

5. Train your skills

Practice exercises focused on each fundamental of the game (Image: André Magalhães / Screenshot)

Beginner or experienced, it is always important to put the skills into practice and get to know each novelty of the game. The “Skill Games” mode is one of the main options for mastering each of the fundamentals of the football simulator. With exercises divided into categories and released by scoring, players can simulate important game scenarios and master defense, passing and finishing commands.

If you are looking for a bigger challenge to put your talent into practice, “Competitive Mode” is an excellent alternative. New in FIFA 21, it brings a new level of difficulty in the game’s artificial intelligence, this time inspired by the strategies of big stars in the competitive scenario. Take the test and learn to play like the top names in FIFA.

What is your opinion about the game? Do you have any other important tips? Comment below!

* Collaborated Felipe Ribeiro, editor of Canaltech’s game editor

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