5G: NOS considers contest rules “illegal, unacceptable and disastrous”


The war between telecommunications operators and Anacom over the rules of the fifth generation mobile telecommunications (5G) tender has risen in tone, with Vodafone threatening not to participate in the tender in Portugal. The regulator has not yet published the final regulation for the tender to award the 5G license, but operators have considered that the rules provided for in the initial project are discriminatory and favor potential new operators illegally.

NOS considered this Thursday that the 5G auction rules “are absolutely illegal, unacceptable and disastrous” for the sector and the country. The reaction comes after the Vodafone group said it is considering “bidding less spectrum” or even “not bidding” in the 5G auction contest, which is due to take place this year.

Asked by Lusa about whether it admits to having a position similar to that of Vodafone, NOS did not respond. “The auction rules, as we know them, are absolutely illegal, unacceptable and disastrous for the sector and the country,” said an official source from the telecommunications operator, quoted by Lusa.

The same source pointed out that this regulation “irrevocably compromises competition and investment in the sector, and, consequently, the desired digital transition of companies, the public sector and the population, as well as territorial and social cohesion”.

“If the rules are not changed, we will be condemning Portugal to irrelevance in the future digital economy, thus irreversibly harming the competitiveness of companies and the evolution of the Portuguese standard of living”, concluded the same source.

Serpil Timuray, the head of the Vodafone group for the region of Europe of which Portugal is a member, called Cluster Europa, said in an interview with Reuters that the rules proposed by Anacom for the regulation of the 5G auction are illegal and discriminatory.

“While responsible for defining the investments channeled to the region she leads, and in which Vodafone Portugal is part, the executive leader of Cluster Europa is considering reconsidering all the group’s options in Portugal, including ‘bid for less spectrum or not bid’ if the rules are not changed, “Vodafone official source explained to Lusa.


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