67 years later, a woman will be executed again in the United States


The United States of America will again execute a woman, almost 70 years after they last did it. This is Lisa Montgomery, from the state of Kansas and the only woman among the 55 detainees in federal prisons who are on the so-called “death row”, that is, awaiting execution. Sentenced in 2008, the date for this execution was set this Friday by the US government’s justice department: December 8.

Montgomery was sentenced to death for strangling a pregnant woman in 2004. As the statement issued on Friday tells, the woman had met Bobbie Jo Stineett in an online conversation and agreed to buy a baby dog ​​from him.

He went from Kansas to Missouri, where Stineett lived, and carried out “a premeditated scheme of murder and kidnapping”, which involved strangling the woman and removing her baby, at the time when she was eight months pregnant. He took the child home and passed him off as his daughter, until the crime was solved and Montgomery herself admitted it. Bobbie Stineett could not resist the injuries, unlike his daughter, Victoria Jo, now 16, who was raised by her father.

Montgomery’s defense has long claimed that the woman was also a victim during her childhood of successive beatings that left her irreversible brain damage, in addition to other mental problems. The attorney general, William Barr, however, considered all defense resources exhausted and placed Montgomery’s crime in the “especially heinous” group.

In July, the group Death Penalty Action, which fights to end the death penalty in the United States, held a demonstration outside the Terre Haute complex

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The statement also reports on another execution, scheduled for two days later, December 10. This is Brandon Bernard, a 40-year-old man accused of the murder of two church pastors in Texas in 1999, who will also be administered the lethal injection in the same prison complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, where a group is based. recently spoke out against the death penalty in the United States.

The last time a woman was executed in the country was in December 1953, exactly 67 years before it happened again. It was Bonnie Brown Heady, convicted of kidnapping and murdering a six-year-old child, heir to her father’s fortune, Robert Cosgrove Greenlease, a multimillionaire in the automobile sector. With her boyfriend, involved in the crime, Heady was executed in a gas chamber.


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