7th place! Telenovela ‘Bem Me Quer’ takes new beating from SIC


The first episodes of ‘Bem Me Quer’ have not attracted much attention from viewers. This Monday, TVI’s soap opera was only seventh in the audience table.

The most watched program of the day was the football match between Futebol Clube do Porto and Olympiacos, referring to the second round of the Champions League. 16.2% rating, 29.8% share and about 1 million 533 thousand viewers. It was broadcast on TVI and preceded, precisely, the episode of ‘Bem Me Quer’. However, with the end of the challenge, the Queluz de Baixo station lost more than half a million viewers.

This is because TVI’s new soap opera got no more than 9.5% rating, 20.1% share and 901 thousand viewers. In the general classification, which also includes programs from RTP1 and SIC, ‘Bem Me Quer’ occupied the seventh position.

Competing with TVI’s new fiction story was ‘Nazaré’. SIC’s telenovela reached 12.5% ​​rating and 25.8% share. More than 1 million 184 thousand spectators and the second place in the audience championship. Ahead was just that Champions League game.

In terms of news, SIC’s ‘Jornal da Noite’ was the winner. The result achieved placed him in third place on the table. Fourth was RTP1’s ‘Price Right’ (results referring to Live).

Live + Vosdal.

In this case, and in the comparison between the soap operas of SIC and TVI, ‘Nazaré’ registered a 13.2% rating and 27.2% average audience. ‘Bem Me Quer’ stood at 10.0% rating and 21.2% share.

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