85.3% of Brazilians would get vaccine against Covid-19, says study


A study published by the journal Nature shows that 85.3% of Brazilians are willing to be vaccinated against Covid-19 if “a proven safe and effective immunizer is available”. The Brazilian percentage of acceptance is the second highest in the world. It is only behind that of China, where it reaches 88.6%. The survey published in the publication involved experts from the United States and Europe. They analyzed the responses of 13,400 people in the 19 countries most affected by the pandemic. The goal was to find out what the potential global hesitation about a vaccine would be. General figures show that 72% of respondents would accept the immunizer. The remaining 28% would refuse or hesitate to take it. The lowest percentage of positive responses to the vaccine was detected in Russia: 55%. In the United States, 76% of respondents said they would take the immunizer. “This percentage of Brazil is not a surprise. Several other studies have already shown the same thing,” said the vice president of the Brazilian Society of Immunizations, Isabella Ballalai. “The Brazilian trusts in vaccine, understands that vaccination is important.”


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