99-year-old Spanish woman won covid-19 in seven days


Florentina Martín, a 99-year-old woman, is dubbed a ‘pandemic miracle’ after testing positive for covid-19 and overcoming the disease in just seven days, without even knowing what the disease was about.

According to Notícias ao Minuto, it was just over a week ago, and after a walk in the company of her caregiver, in a municipality in Madrid, Spain, that the elderly woman started to present herself differently. He lost the urge to speak and could barely stand up. The thermometer, however, showed no signs of a possible infection with the new coronavirus, says the same source, citing El País.

A visit to the health center would confirm that the elderly woman was in fact infected and the family immediately feared the worst.

Doctors prescribed only three paracetamol pills a day. The grandchildren were already preparing to say goodbye, since at 99 the probability of winning the virus is reduced, when Florentina slowly started to recover and, seven days later, the result was surprising and joyful for the family: Florentinha had beaten the virus.

According to the Correio da Manhã, the caregiver of this elderly woman, believes that “grandmother Nina”, as she is affectionately called, was infected in one of her night walks. Florentina knows she was very ill, but she doesn’t know what with.


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