A European solution for Corinthians’ Under-23


Corinthians’ Under-23 team is, above all, controversial. The bizarre hires, added to an omissive stance of the white board, give scope for all possible conspiracy theories. It is not for less. After all, hiring a 26-year-old player who coincidentally (or not!) Is the son of a club adviser is just one more of those controversies.

And due to the total fault of the white board, the fans’ feeling for the category is of disgust. Nobody is interested in anything that comes from there. What could be a very ambitious project ended up becoming yet another reason to criticize Andrés Sanchez’s second term. And in the humble opinion of this columnist, the error is not in the creation of the category – but in the way in which it is being managed.

To design a project like this, the minimum would be to look at examples of success around the world. Here in Brazil, Athletico stands out. The Paraná formed two players who were in the penultimate call of the selection and play regularly matches throughout the year, including all of the state championship. The category also helped to highlight Tiago Nunes, one of the most successful coaches in the club’s history.

The fans get to know their athletes in formation. In this way, the whole process ends up being more transparent and fair to the fans. Who doesn’t like to see Copinha’s jewels acting more regularly in the higher categories?

And we can go even further to cite examples of success. Barcelona “B”, which is the main branch of the gigantic Spanish club, disputes the Second Division B, which would be equivalent to the third division of the country. There, Guardiola (as a player and coach), Messi, Busquets, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Piqué, among others, passed by. There, it is a class on how to manage your base categories. Thinking is always long term.

And it is for examples like these that Corinthians’ Under-23 category has to be rethought. The strange option of not playing in the Copa Paulista leaves open the possibility of alvinegro entering the field only eight times in the season. EIGHT TIMES. What kind of planning is this? What technical gain do you offer your players?

As long as the category is so nebulous, the white dome will have no room to complain about the criticisms. And I am totally open to hear the responses of the white board to the questions I asked throughout this text.

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This text is the responsibility of the author and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Meu Timo.


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