A fatwa was issued against a teacher who was beheaded


The father of a student and a well-known militant Islamist called for the murder of the teacher who was beheaded in Paris on Friday, the French interior minister said.

Larger demonstrations for freedom of expression were held in several places in France on Sunday, here from Lyon, after a teacher was beheaded near Paris on Friday. Photo: Laurent Cipriani / AP / NTB

“They apparently issued a fatwa against the teacher,” Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin told Europe 1 radio channel.

The two are among eleven people arrested after the murder.

The 47-year-old teacher Samuel Paty had earlier in October shown Muhammad caricatures from the magazine Charlie Hebdo for an hour about freedom of speech.

An 18-year-old with a Chechen background has been identified as the perpetrator. He was killed by police officers who rushed out after receiving word of the brutal murder at Conflans-Sainte-Honorine in Yveline northwest of Paris.

Police outside the school of the teacher who was beheaded near Paris on Friday. Photo: Michel Euler / AP / NTB

In action against militant Islamists

French police are conducting raids on the homes of a number of militant Islamists on Monday, French authorities say.

The raids are being carried out in the terror investigation after the history teacher Samuel Paty (47), who had shown cartoons of Muhammad for an hour about freedom of expression, was beheaded in Paris on Friday.

Eleven people, among them a well-known militant Islamist, have been arrested after the murder, which is considered a terrorist attack.

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