‘A Fazenda’: Record already got results and sums from other realities and fields – 10/16/2020


One detail drew the attention of those who decided to add the percentages of the last garden involving Biel, Carol Narizinho e Tays Reis in “The farm”, last Thursday (15). Together, the numbers did not result in 100%. Each had, respectively, 33.01%, 29.51% and 37.47%. Added, the figures give 99.9%.

In the previous week, during the elimination of Cartolouco, the sum was 100.1%. The journalist had 24.9% against 30.8% for Biel and 44.31% for Jojo Todynho.

With Rodrigo Morais, in the third week, there was also no 100% of votes in the account. The actor had 25.63% against 41.61% of Raíssa Barbosa and 32.73% of Biel. In the second week, with JP Gadelha, the result was also 100.1%. In the first garden, with the Fernandinho Beat Box, were 99.9%.

Sought, the Record he declined to comment. Internally, in production, there are those who claim that the error was not serious, since it was to one decimal place. Contrary to the first editions, the last seasons do not announce an audit of the votes for “A Fazenda”.

This, however, was not the first time that Record missed the result or the math of reality shows.

In 2012, for example, the broadcaster unfairly eliminated Alexey Magnavita the grand final of “Amazon” because the score was wrong. Unhappy with having lost the R $ 500,000 prize, the boy sought justice. After a battle that ended up in Superior Justice Tribunal, Record was ordered to pay R $ 125 thousand for material damages and R $ 25 thousand for moral damages.

In April of this year, during the hairdressing reality “Hair”, Ana Hickmann announced the wrong winner. Instead of rewarding Emerson, the presenter crowned Amanda as the champion, live. As a solution, the outcome was recorded and was shown during a replay. Both participants took the prize of R $ 30 thousand


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