accidental shots kill influencer who was filming fake kidnapping video


Mexican influencer Areline Martínez died shot at the age of 21, while staging a video kidnapping with friends, to post on the social network TikTok. The crime happened last Friday (2). The main suspicion is that the shots were accidental.

Martínez was accompanied by ten friends, who helped her stage the abduction. She appears blindfolded and tied hands and ankles in part of the recording that surfaced on social media. The video was recorded at a farmhouse in the Rigoberto Quiroz neighborhood in the Mexican city of Chihuahua.

The images, which precede the death of the influencer, were shared on TikTok and feature Areline alongside a boy who also pretends to be a hostage. He kneels on the floor and has a gun aimed at the back of his head.

According to the police, the influencer was killed moments later. She is leaving a small one-year-old daughter, reports the Mexican newspaper Proceso.

According to the publication, Areline’s death was accidental. The attorney general of the state of Chihuahua, César Augusto Peniche Espejel is the one who affirms this: “One of the hypotheses [levantadas] is that they [os amigos da influencer] they were touching a gun thinking it was not loaded and shot the woman, “he said.

“If someone has a criminal responsibility, they will have to answer. There are several facts to investigate: the unfortunate death of the young woman and the origin of that weapon and how it came into her hands,” added Espejel.

According to witnesses heard by the local newspaper Sin Embargo, Areline was shot by two of her friends who were present. All the people who participated in the staged kidnapping reportedly fled the scene, according to the British website Daily Mail.

The young woman’s lifeless body was found on the ground; at the moment, still tied up. Her funeral took place last Monday (5th). On the same day that she died, the victim posted a photo of herself and wrote on social media: “Time doesn’t stop and neither do I”.


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