According to Hyundai, these are the costs to consider when traveling by tram – Vida


Considering the current technology and infrastructure, traveling by electric car still consumes a considerable amount of time necessary to plan it properly. In addition to the usual route, never forgetting stopping points with charging stations along the route, it is also important to consider the energy consumption levels of the car.

Through its Blue Academy website, Hyundai intends to clarify electric car users about which costs to consider and consumption has a very relevant role in these considerations. Despite the unquestionable benefit to the environment, the use of electric vehicles can also bring benefits to the driver’s license, and can represent a cost up to six times lower than that of a vehicle with a thermal engine.

Thus, the Association of Electric Vehicle Users carried out a study in which it calculated the costs of covering the 100 kilometers that connect Porto to Vila Real and reached the following conclusions:

  • Petrol car, average consumption of 7 lt / 100 km: cost up to 12 euros
  • Diesel car, average consumption of 6 lt / 100 km: cost up to 9 euros
  • Electric car charged at a fast charging station; 40 cents per kWh: cost of up to 6 euros
  • Electric car charged in a wallbox at home; 12 cents per kWh: average cost of 2 euros

In addition to these conclusions, the Korean brand also shared other tips to take into account if you are going to travel by tram:

  • Check the vehicle’s autonomy before starting the journey, as well as the average charging time in the different types of charging station;
  • Define the route taking into account the stations that you will find along the way. If the trip is made on the highway, you should have no difficulties;
  • Do not allow the battery to fully discharge while traveling. The ideal is to charge it when it is still in the middle of the charge level;
  • If possible, choose accommodations that offer charging points. Thus, the electric vehicle can be charged overnight.


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