Adriane Galisteu reveals about Ayrton Senna: ” This is very emblematic ”


Adriane Galisteu dated Ayrton Senna for approximately a year and their relationship was interrupted in May 1994 due to his death. Despite what happened, the moments together remain alive in his memory.

The proof of this was the live that the presenter did last Thursday (15), on the official Instagram account of the website ‘Alô Alô Bahia’. During the interview, she recalled some moments with the eternal champion.

At one point, Galisteu decided to make a revelation about the wishes of the former partner. She said that Senna did not manage to accomplish them all in life and decided to divide the main ones.

“He had three dreams: to know Disney, to be a father and to race in Ferrari. The guy dies at the age of 33 doing what he most knew how to do and does not realize any of the three dreams. This, for me, is very emblematic ”, he declared.

In the same chat, the blonde also drew attention to a curiosity that involves the love of fans. She said he had no sense of people’s feelings. “He knew he was loved, but I’m sure he didn’t know how much,” he finished off.


Adriane Galisteu opened the game and talked about the suspicions of a pregnancy. In a conversation with Rede TV! ‘TV Fama’, the presenter denied the rumors and explained the rumors.

“I’m not pregnant, unfortunately. I posted the photo for runners who like the training I did. And then, I added this caption ‘connoisseurs will understand’, but I think it is already causing confusion ”, he explained.

It is worth remembering that Adriane has already revealed her desire to have one more child and has even undergone in vitro fertilization procedures.

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