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Chico Rodrigues was caught last week by the Federal Police with R $ 33,000 in underwear, and the STF plenary would judge the removal of the congressman this Wednesday.

However, after the senator graduated, Barroso understood that “the immediate submission of the matter to the plenary is no longer necessary”. Thus, in response to a request from the minister, the President of the STF, Luiz Fux, withdrew the case from the agenda of trials this Wednesday.

Chico Rodrigues’ alternate, Pedro Arthur Rodrigues, who is the parliamentarian’s son, should be summoned to take office.

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The R $ 33,000 were found in Chico Rodrigues’ underwear during an operation that carried out search and seizure warrants at the parliamentarian’s house. The DEM, the party to which Chico Rodrigues is affiliated, asked the STF to access the investigations.

The operation investigates the alleged diversion of public funds in Roraima. Rodrigues denies the accusations and says the money would be used to pay employees.

Senator Chico Rodrigues asks for removal from office for 121 days

When deciding on Rodrigues’ removal, Barroso transcribed part of the Federal Police report on last week’s operation. The text describes the seizure of money at the senator’s house, in Boa Vista (RR), and the attempt to hide money in underwear.

“We searched the safe located in the room of Mr. Pedro Rodrigues, son of the Senator, in which no values ​​or documents related to the facts under investigation were found. However, at that moment, Senator Chico Rodrigues asked Delegate Wedson if he could go to the Delegate Wedson said yes, but informed that he would accompany him “, says the PF report.

“At this time, Deputy Wedson noticed that there was a large volume, in a rectangular shape, on the back of Senator Chico Rodrigues’ robes, who wore blue shorts (like pajamas) and a yellow shirt. Considering the volume and its shape, the Deputy Wedson suspected that the Senator was hiding values ​​or even some cell phone “, continues the document.

The report also says that, when asked about the “volume”, Chico Rodrigues denied wrongdoing. The deputy who commanded the search and seizure then decided to do a personal search on the senator. The action was filmed, but the video was kept confidential.

“When doing the personal search in Senator Chico Rodrigues, at first, it was found inside his underwear, close to his buttocks, bundles of money that totaled the amount of R $ 15,000.00”, says the PF report.

With 30 years of Congress, Chico Rodrigues has a history of involvement with corruption

With 30 years of Congress, Chico Rodrigues has a history of involvement with corruption

The investigation by the Federal Police and the Comptroller General of the Union (CGU) investigates deviations of around R $ 20 million in parliamentary amendments aimed at combating the pandemic of the new coronavirus in Roraima.

According to the PF, a criminal group formed by politicians, civil servants and businessmen rigged bids to hire certain companies by the State Health Secretariat (Sesau) of Roraima.

CGU identified signs of overpricing and overpricing in the hiring made by the portfolio in the purchase of items such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and rapid detection tests by Covid-19.

According to the investigation, there are indications that the senator used his political influence to favor private companies linked to him during the bidding processes carried out in the pandemic. The scheme, according to the PF, was attended by politicians, businessmen and civil servants.

What Chico Rodrigues says

The senator has denied all accusations and claims to be unrelated to any unlawful act. In a note, the parliamentarian stated:

“I say again, throughout my 30 years of public life, I have dedicated my life to the people of Roraima and Brazil, and I will continue firmly towards the development of my nation.”

“Believing in the truth, I am confident in justice, and I say that soon everything will be clarified and I will prove that I have nothing (sic) to do with any illegal act of any kind. I believe in the guidelines that the great leader and President of Brazil, Jair Messias Bolsonaro , uses to manage our nation “, he said.

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