After accusing the school of mistreatment, Paris Hilton makes efforts to close it | People


Paris Hilton, 39, reveals a story hitherto unknown in the latest documentary, This is Paris, where she claims to have been mentally and physically abused at boarding school when she was a teenager and is now working to close the school’s doors.

The documentary premiered on September 14 on YouTube and generated a wave of solidarity among fans of socialite. “I have had several people write to me saying ‘thank you very much’,” shares Hilton, who for 20 years kept the trauma secret. Every time she tried to tell her family, she was punished, she adds.

In the big reveal, the granddaughter of hotel entrepreneur Barron Hilton, who died in September, claims that she was abused, placed in isolation for hours and forced to take unknown drugs at Utah’s Provo Canyon School, one of the boarding schools valued at mental health, where she ended up also being followed as a patient.

In response to the protagonist’s accusations, Provo Canyon School wrote a statement: “We are aware of the media reference about our school”, also stating that Provo was sold in August 2000 by the previous owner. The boarding school administration adds, “In the past two decades, mental health treatment has evolved from a behavior-based principle to a more personalized and informed approach to trauma.” Provo Canyon School safeguards the commitment and safety of both patients and professionals: “We work with extremely complex individuals who present a danger to us and to others.”

The film’s original premise was to highlight Hilton as a businesswoman and to clear up the misconceptions about Paris. However, during filming the young woman socialite began to open up with its director, Alexandra Dean. “I feel so comfortable with her and I told her about my nightmares and a little bit about my story,” he said.

If, for lack of courage, Paris Hilton initially did not intend to address the issue of abuse in the documentary, she ended up doing so. “The director pulled me out and made me understand that my problem can really help many people and give strength to others.” The American adds that she is excited to use her voice instead of the baby voice that made her famous. “It is exhausting to pretend not to have a brain and ideas of what will happen”, he laments, emphasizing that he has been doing it for a long time. “I’m not a dumb blonde. Just very good at what I intend to be. ”


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