after bullshit, Mariano goes back and apologizes to Biel


Mariano, from the duo with Munhoz, started the party with a ‘Likes’ theme from A Fazenda 2020, apologizing to Biel, after vetoing the funker from the Farmer’s Test. But did Biel accept it? Come know

The singer Mariano, decided to take advantage of the atmosphere of the ‘Likes’ party at A Fazenda 2020, to chat with the funkeiro Biel, in order to clarify all the bullshit that happened after the countryman vetoed him from the Farmer’s Test, which in the end, enshrined Jakelyne’s affair as the new farmer of the week.

Fazenda 2020: Mariano apologizes to Biel at party

Right at the beginning of the party that rolled into the early hours of Saturday (17th) in the reality A Fazenda 2020, the countryman Mariano decided to call Biel from a corner to talk about the events of the last days in the rural confinement of Record TV. Despite having a rivalry with direct offenses and everything, the singer, from the duo with Munhoz, seems to have left out and is willing to seal the peace for the sake of living together at A Fazenda 2020.


β€œI never had an enmity in my life. Here we are living in the same place, sleeping in the same room. You can’t stay in that climate. It was a failure, it was a mistake. Don’t judge me for a mistake. I’m not a perfection boy, “said Mariano, who continued:” I’m apologizing to you, I was wrong. If you don’t want to forgive, good, but you can’t stay in that mood. We were very offended. ”

However, Biel replied during the party at A Fazenda 2020: β€œBut it came from you, you know, he said. I would never take you out. I could neither return nor return with Tays. He spoke behind my back, I couldn’t defend myself. He said I spent 3 years hiding out. You offended me.”

How was the fight between Biel and Mariano?

After the vote that eliminated ex-panicat Carol Narizinho, there was a fight which started after Mariano vetoes Biel proof of the farmer. The sertanejo’s strategy did not please the funkeiro, who went straight to the farm’s hot seat. But, the weather really heated up at the headquarters of A Fazenda 2020. To make matters worse, after the live elimination, Biel was informed by Luiza Ambiel that Mariano was speaking ill of him.

β€œHe said that you are not a man. That you haven’t learned. You did too much ugly things outside. He spoke of horrors about you “, said the paoa, who continued:” The stick came down … he said that if it were in his city, you would be beaten with a stick. “

Likes-themed party shakes pawns

The party that shakes the reality A Fazenda 2020 has the theme ‘Likes’. In addition to the songs chosen by the production of reality, the pawns will win a virtual show by the country duo Fernando & Sorocaba. However, it remains to be seen whether there will be a fire in the hay, as this is what the public likes, the house is on fire.

The decoration of the show is also a separate attraction, with a blue and white theme. Besides, of course, the light show that makes everything more beautiful.


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