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The presenter Thiago Oliveira, from Globo, took a scare this week when he suffered a peak of high blood pressure when the station to command the sports block of Hora 1. Because of what happened in the early hours of Tuesday to Wednesday (14), the journalist needed be taken by ambulance to a hospital. This Saturday (17), he returned to the air to command Globo Esporte with a device that records his heartbeat.

Thiago Oliveira presented Globo Esporte with a holter, a kind of portable electrocardiogram. The device was installed this Saturday morning at Hospital São Luiz, in Morumbi, a neighborhood in the South Zone of São Paulo. The objective is to measure the pressure and record the beats for 24 hours with electrodes placed on the chest and connected to a monitor placed on the left arm. The equipment will be removed by the journalist on Sunday.

The treatment is part of the series of tests that Thiago is undergoing to investigate the causes of his peak high blood pressure. When he went to a health center three days ago, he needed medication and was under observation for four hours.

In a public video on a social network, he had given more details about the episode: “I arrived at the station and had to go directly, by ambulance, to the hospital, because I had a high blood pressure, it was 17 by 10, the beats were those who have high blood pressure or have had a peak know that the sensations, the reactions are horrible “, said Thiago. The pressure considered healthy is 12 by 8.

“Thank God I was able to come back and deliver my work”, celebrated Thiago Oliveira, on Instagram

On Instagram, Thiago Oliveira commented on his return to Globo and gave details about the device on his arm. “Thank God I was able to go back and deliver my work”, he began, in the publication.

“Today at Globo Esporte I was monitored by you and a holter (device on my left arm measuring my pressure and my heart rate). Thank you for all the energy you sent these days and may God bless me back at dawn. you, “wrote the journalist.

In the publication, he received the affection of friends and fans. Check out:


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