After fetish video is released, Cleo appears kissing two women


Cleo appears kissing woman in new clip (Photo: Reproduction)

Cleo appears kissing woman in new clip

Cleo he released songs again and this time he didn’t skimp on sensuality. Although her clips are always loaded with little clothes and a lot of exhibition, in this the daughter of Glória Pires went further and made a fetish clip.

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Despite the singing career being in the background, the woman showed that she can always get news out of her sleeve. In the video recorded with the trio ‘As Baías’, which is formed by Assucena, Rafael Acerbi and Raquel Virgínia. Cleo appears kissing Assucena and it is still possible to see a lot of making out throughout the entire clip.

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Following the project of ‘Cobra’, her first song, she shows her sensual side and talent in a provocative lyrics that shows that labels don’t matter.

Cleo kisses woman in clip (Photo: Reproduction)
Cleo kisses woman in clip (Photo: Reproduction)


Several Instagram gossip profiles released an audio that was attributed to the actress in which Cleo appears dispatching some man in her life. From the voice, it can be noted that she is very irritated: “I don’t believe that you did this to me, in moral terms, you are evil, leaking out of my life”.

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The netizens on duty were perplexed by Cleo’s words and tried to find out who she was talking about: “If Cléo goes through these things who will I say, poor mortal”, “Who will be huh?”, “I was curious to know whose she’s talking “,” Is it really a boy? “.

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