After Flamengo’s stumble, Dome recognizes effort: “I am proud of the team” | Flamengo


Flamengo drew with Bragantino this Thursday, at Maracanã, in a game valid for the 16th round of the Brazilian Championship. The red-black team went after and drew with Lincoln, but failed to turn around. After the game, coach Domènec Torrent commented on the difference in performance of the team from the first to the second half in the last games and emphasized the delivery of the team, which played three games in six days.

– The opponent also plays. Maybe we played better in the second half in the last games because we have more position and found more space in the second half. I think that’s it, because the intensity is the same. We must not confuse. We ran the same or more in the first half. What happens is that the opponent defended better. I agree that we played better in the second half.

– We played three games in six days. Bragantino played the last game four days ago. I am proud of the team. Many players played very well for 90 minutes, like Isla and Thiago Maia. Bruno was very tired. I know the importance and difficulty of playing three games in six days.

Dome, Flamengo coach – Photo: André Durão

See more details of the Dome press conference:

Player recovery

– The recovery was very important. We speak individually to each player. Pedro had a chance of injury due to the sequence, but when I spoke to him, he told me he could play the first half. We played with him in good shape, but we didn’t want to take any chances. We have technical data, which is important for us. We were not lucky with the players of the national teams, as two came back injured, Arrascaeta and Rodrigo Caio. Isla and Thiago said they could play the full 90 minutes. I think it’s important to talk to each athlete about the conditions.

Did Pedro leave because he was worn out or saved for the next game?

– Both were thought about, not only for the next game. Pedro was the only player who was at risk of injury. Doctor Tannure said he could play at most 50 minutes. Pedro wanted to play at the beginning, but we couldn’t risk an injury. There are nine consecutive games. We have medical reports after every game, a lot of information. I didn’t think about the next game, but not to hurt the player.

I don’t want to talk about refereeing, as it is very difficult to referee the game. But if you have the VAR, you have the possibility to consult. If you don’t, I can’t say why. If that happened I didn’t see it. I don’t want to talk about the referee.

Poor defense performance

– I think we have to be more focused in the first five minutes. We have to improve this. During the game we defend well, but we have problems in the first minutes. Bragantino scored after 12 seconds of the second half. We can improve. We are attacking well, dominating the games. Today we also dominate. The most important thing is this. But I agree that we have to improve this. Concentration in the first few minutes does not depend on the coach.

Were Gerson and Bruno Henrique at risk of injury?

– Gerson for sure. Today we also practice dead ball. I think it is not known if you are at risk of injury. But when you talk to them, they say they are tired. Bruno told me he could play 30 minutes, but he was tired. When the player says that he is very tired, you have to try not to get hurt.

Invincibility of eight games

– You know what happened in the last month. The question of covid-19. We played with young players against Palmeiras. What can I talk about? I am very proud of the team. The team is wonderful. The effort the team made this month is wonderful. It was crazy what happened this month. They will help, because they have quality. I try to make the best team possible. Lincoln played on the right, on the left, in shirt 9, and it went very well. The cast’s effort was wonderful.

19 submissions to score a goal. Bad performance?

– Game against Goiás was also like that. We created more chances than today and scored only two goals. I say that a lot. In the other game, you create only four chances and score three goals. Technicians are area-by-area managers. What happens there you can control. The goal that happens is not the coach who does it, but the player. The coach has an idea of ​​how to get to the area. Against Del Valle we created five occasions and scored four goals. I’m happy with everyone. We work on finishing each day, because it is important. But what happens in the field, it happens.

What is the biggest challenge to recover the players?

– We are already making recovery in the locker room. Tomorrow the same and we will talk to the players, like Gerson and Isla. Is important. Everton had knee discomfort. I haven’t talked to him yet. It will be tested. Isla and Everton were wonderful. Isla said it was great to play the 90 minutes.

Borrowed youth from the bank

– We have a wonderful team of observers at Flamengo. We are watching Yuri at Fortaleza, as well as Hugo Moura at Coritiba. We are not thinking about that now. First is to recover the players. We have talked about this, but now the focus is on recovering the players, using the boys from the base, and we are watching the loaned players, as it is our job.

Absence of players in the selection

– We have medical information and how they are working. When you lose four players to the selection, you have to look for the best ones to play. We have many attackers and defenders to play with. Not so many in the middle. When the coach loses players to the selection, he has to look for options.


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