after minimizing romance, Tays and Biel kiss at party


Biel and Tays Reis gave the biggest kiss during the ‘Likes’ party on Friday night (16) in reality A Fazenda 2020.

During the ‘Likes’ party on Friday night (16), the singer Biel and the ex-Avenger Tays Reis they seem to have understood each other, after the funkeiro’s comments have reverberated on social networks. Right at the beginning of the party, they kissed on the floor at the headquarters of the reality show The Farm 2020.

Fazenda 2020: Biel minimizes relationship with Tays

The past garden that eliminated ex-panicat Carol Narizinho was revealing to some participants of the reality A Fazenda 2020. Singer Biel sat on the stool next to Tays Reis, who until then was singled out as the singer’s affair in the program. However, on the day of the elimination, the funkeiro even declared in response to Luiza Ambiel, that she was not quite the right romance for him.

In a conversation in the headquarters room, Luiza regretted that the pawn went to the farm with Tays – a person with whom the funker joins in the house. “Fuck is going with your mine”, said Ambiel before being hit by the singer: “She is not my mine”. Shortly after the singer’s statement, the peoa corrected his placement. “In here, the person who helps you.”


Biel and Tays kiss at a ‘Likes’ party

However, it seems that the disagreement between the two seems to have been resolved. At least that was what it seemed after the two kissed at the party at A Fazenda 2020. It is worth mentioning that, several times, Biel has already declared that he loves his ex-wife, Duda Castro, with whom he had a troubled marriage.

However, the two are celebrating this week’s party a lot, after their last days as rockers at A Fazenda 2020. The party started lively, right from the start the pedestrians made the famous toast before going up the dance floor. While enjoying the sound chosen by the reality production, the two who were saved by the audience, kissed. Biel, however, said after kissing Tays. “How delicious.”

Like-themed party shakes pawns at A Fazenda 2020

The party that shakes the reality A Fazenda 2020 has the theme ‘Likes’. In addition to the songs chosen by the production of reality, the pawns will win a virtual show by the country duo Fernando & Sorocaba. However, it remains to be seen whether there will be a fire in the hay, as this is what the public likes, the house is on fire.

The decor of the show is also a separate attraction, with a blue and white theme. Besides, of course, the light show that makes everything more beautiful.


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