After money fight, man beheads his mother with a scythe and runs away with his head – World



According to police information, the suspect was found drunk after committing the murder

Last Friday (23), a shocking case scared the residents of Kollapur, a region located in the Nagarkurnool district in the Indian state of Telangana: a man was arrested when he ran away with his mother’s head after beheading her with a scythe during discussion because of money.

According to information from the Times of India newspaper, the case was only discovered after other members of the victim’s family, identified only as P. Chandramma, were suspicious of his disappearance and found the victim. body
inside the house she shared with her youngest son, P. Ramudu.

The victim’s eldest son, P. Kurumurthy was the one who suspected the disappearance and ended up finding the mom
in a pool of blood. After calling the police
, noticed that the brother was not in the place. When the agents started searching, they found Chandramma’s head in an area of ​​vegetation near the house.

“Ramudu is an alcoholic. He left his wife a long time ago and has lived with his mother ever since. Relatives said he made a mess at home several times. We suspect that the victim was murdered by refusing to give money
for him to buy drinks, “said Venkat Reddy, a local police inspector.

The murder hypothesis gained momentum when the police recovered a Scythe
bloodied at exactly the same spot where the victim’s head was found. Also according to the publication, the suspect
he was found hours later, in a drunken state, and sent to a police station in the region.


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