After official result, Bolsonaro government finally greets Bolivia’s elected president


BRASILIA – After the end of the counting of the presidential election of Bolivia, the Brazilian government greeted this Friday the winner of the election, Luis Arce, who was supported by the ex-president Evo Morales. Although the result was only confirmed on Friday, Arce’s opponents and the governments of several countries had already recognized his victory on voting day, last Sunday, or the next day. Brazil was the last of Bolivia’s neighboring countries to congratulate Arce.

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The attitude contrasts with that of last year, when President Jair Bolsonaro’s government was the first to recognize interim President Jeanine Áñez, shortly after Morales’s resignation under military pressure, on November 10. In this year’s election, the Brazilian government encouraged the construction of an opposition front to the Movement for Socialism (MAS), Arce and Morales’ party, but the strategy did not work.

Supporters of Movimiento Al Socialismo (MAS) celebrate after knowing the official result of the general election in La Paz on October 23, 2020. – The Bolivian electoral court published the official results of the presidential election last weekend, confirming the overwhelming victory of Bolivian left-wing presidential candidate Luis Arce. With all the ballots counted, Arce finished with 55% of the vote, which means he won without the need for a second round. Photo: LUIS GANDARILLAS / AFP

In the message released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday, the Brazilian government “salutes the Bolivian people and government for carrying out the electoral process in a climate of tranquility and harmony” and praises the “democratic and constructive attitude of the government of President Jeanine Áñez”.

The text also emphasizes the importance of the presence of international observers in the election, “whose scrutiny helped to guarantee the legitimacy and transparency of the election and to guarantee that the sovereign desire of the Bolivian people was respected in the choice of its leaders”. The excerpt refers to accusations of fraud – unproven – that led to the crisis that led to Morales’ resignation.

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“The Brazilian government affirms its willingness to work with the new Bolivian authorities with a view to implementing initiatives of common interest and within the scope of the bonds of friendship, neighborhood and cooperation that unite the two countries and their peoples,” concludes the note.


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