After pressure, Pedrosa cancels election of board members born in Cruzeiro


After dealing with pressure from fans and politically influential people in the cruise, Paulo Csar Pedrosa canceled the November 5 election, which would define about 70 new names for the club’s native board of directors.

The official request of the Executive Board of the Deliberative Council Jos Eustquio Lucas Pereira, chairman of the Statute Reform Commission. The objective is to postpone the election until a later date to consider changes to the institution’s internal regulations.

“We formalize here the suggestion of postponing the election called for November 5, so that the rules of the next statute can affect this choice. This is because the rules that will regulate the statutory life of the CEC from the time it comes into force will be exact ”.

“With all the facts narrated and in view of the financial, political and institutional instability of our Cruzeiro Esporte Clube, he sleeps to avoid judicial decisions contrary to the acts of this administration of the Deliberative Council, despite our commitment to statutory compliance, it is decided to revoke the Public notice in question, the election of which the aforementioned public notice deals with until further determination ”.

Crowd protest

Earlier, organized supporters of cruise they called for demonstrations for this Tuesday afternoon, at 4:30 pm, at Praa Sete, in the center of Belo Horizonte. One of the demands was precisely the cancellation of the elections, under the argument that people linked to “Famlia Unio”, a support group of the ex-president Wagner Pires from S, could be strengthened in Barro Preto.

Other topics are included in the protests, such as the expulsion of the 30 directors paid by the gesture of Wagner Pires, in addition to the exclusion of the former president and former vice president, Hermnio Lemos.

In art promoted by the movement ‘Nascidos Palestra, Forjados Cruzeiro’, which led the street demonstrations against Wagner in 2019, there are charges for the investigation of the accounts of ex-president Gilvan de Pinho Tavares and the demand for effective participation of the crowd in the club elections. (right to vote).

How do counselors become born?

Article 17 of the Cruise Status explains the conditions for the effective advisor to become born. For that, he must have fulfilled three consecutive or five alternate terms. Voting takes place through a secret meeting between benefactors and natives who make up the electoral college (read the wording below).

“In the event of a vacancy in the framework of the Associate Member of the Board, the Associate Member may be elevated in that condition, by means of an election made by an Electoral College composed of Benemritos and Natos Counselors, in a secret meeting, convened by letter by the President of the Deliberative Council, 15 (fifteen) days.

§ 1.º Only be able to apply for a vacancy of a Nato member, Associate Counselor, with at least 3 (three) consecutive uninterrupted terms (full terms) or with 5 (five) or more alternative terms, in a regular situation in the Club and that has requested candidacy to the President of the Deliberative Council, in writing, at least 5 (five) days prior to the date of the meeting.

§ 2. In the event of a vacancy in the position of Associate Counselor, the oldest Deputy Counselor in the alternate staff is summoned and installed in the vacancy. If there is a tie, preference is given to the oldest member of the club.

J o art. 15 runs on a composition of the Deliberative Council of Cruzeiro:

I – For the current and former presidents of Cruzeiro Esporte Clube and of the Deliberative Council, in the condition of Benemritos Councilors (currently, 17);

II – For 280 (two hundred and eighty) members, as Born Directors, elected from among directors;

III – For 220 (two hundred and twenty) associates, elected by the General Meeting, as directors, and 110 (one hundred and ten) as alternate members.


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