After pronouncing on Robinho, tension returns between Casagrande and Caio Ribeiro


The discussion that generated the case of the player Robinho may have raised the tension between commentators Caio Ribeiro and Walter Casagrande Jr, on TV Globo.

According to the UOL portal, opposing statements on the subject caused the broadcaster to split. Some professionals asked for clarifications and actions for superiors. The TV sports chief needed to calm things down and explain that each one has their own space.

According to the report, several names from the editorial did not like what Caio said in “Tá na Área”, Sportv’s program, last Friday (16). The commentator was accused of relativizing the situation of the former Santos striker, who was first convicted in Italy for rape and sexual violence against a young woman of Albanian origin.

“We have to be careful until we have all the information and until the Justice that has all this decrees that he is guilty or innocent. If he is guilty, it is not because he is an idol or he played a lot … He has to be punished like anyone else because rape is a very serious thing. I am the father of a girl and I cannot imagine what I would do if someone touched my daughter. But I think everyone deserves the benefit of the doubt. We don’t have all the information, so let’s wait. Justice has to judge. This is the first thing and my way of analyzing the facts ”, said Caio.

The complaints came mainly from the women of Globo’s newsroom, as there is a conviction in the first instance.

In addition, it was an online report by ”Globo Esporte” with information about the process that increased the pressure that resulted in the suspension of the player’s contract with Santos. Some people have already said that it is not the first time that Caio Ribeiro says something that damages the image of the broadcaster’s coverage in delicate cases.

Casagrande’s opinion on “Globo Esporte SP”, also last Friday (16), went viral positively. In the program, he was outraged by the situation and said that you can’t find “any normal slut”.

“I am scared of Brazilian society. It is not the stoning of Robinho, it is the stoning of the morals of Brazilian society. Values ​​cannot be inverted. Robinho is sentenced to nine years in prison for sexual violence in Italy. He appealed, but at this moment, he is condemned. I am scared of what happens in Brazil ”, he claimed.

Casagrande received congratulations from the public and many colleagues from Globo, unlike Caio Ribeiro.

In the view of the station’s chiefs, Casagrande can say what he wants, just as Caio Ribeiro can also say what he wants to know about the subject.

For the broadcaster, it is “this plurality of opinions that makes Esporte da Globo independent and well regarded by the public”, even if the manifestation of the former São Paulo player did not please him.

The duo will return next Monday (19), from “Bem, Amigos! ‘, From Sportv. The Robinho case is on the agenda of the program led by Galvão Bueno.


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