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Main organized supporters of Corinthians, Gaviões da Fiel visited CT Joaquim Grava to transmit support to the players before the game against Flamengo.

On Sunday, fans were taken by bus to CT. The concentration on the spot started at 12:30 (from Brasília). Many clusters did not use masks, a recommended safety measure to combat covid-19. Timão, who catches Flamengo at 4 pm, will arrive at Neo Química Arena at 2 pm.

Supporters Corinthians CT Joaquim Grava – Photo: Sérgio Cruz

In this Brasileirão, Gaviões da Fiel has already protested at the stadium after the 2-0 defeat that motivated the dismissal of coach Tiago Nunes. Days later, he intimidated players at Guarulhos airport after the 2-1 loss to Fluminense. Recently, Cássio spoke to fans on the phone.

Gaviões Da Fiel also says that it wrote a letter of support, which was delivered to the board with the intention of being read to the athletes in the lecture.

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Without masks, fans stood in front of CT Joaquim Grava to support the players – Photo: Sérgio Cruz

Fans gathered to support the players – Photo: Sérgio Cruz

Fans gathered to encourage athletes before the game against Flamengo – Photo: Sérgio Cruz

See the press release:

“Last Tuesday (13th), the leaders of the Gavião da Fiel met to decide what would be the actions of the Torcida given the current performance of Corinthians.

After a long debate and analysis of the options raised, it was decided that the moment is now one of support. First of all, we reinforce that the charges have already been properly made and the players already know what they need to do on the field.

Therefore, starting this Sunday (18), we will be present at the CT, always before the matches in order to support and encourage the team. Therefore, we also invite all those who want to join us to motivate the cast.

We understand that one of the reasons for Corinthians’ bad phase is the absence of fans in the stands, which previously filled the stadium and pushed during the 90 minutes. After all, we have been on the 26th of February, in a draw against Santo André, without attending the games.

Some younger players on the team have not yet had the opportunity to play with an audience at the Arena. So, we want them to know a little about our love up close.

Even those who have had the experience, we would like to recall the value that Corinthians has for us. That said, it does not mean that we do not expect a return in the field. If necessary, we will collect again. But for now, our stance will be one of full support “.


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