Afternoons and mornings on TV: after all, why don’t you win in the same way?


Cristina’s fourth day, on TVI, fourth victory in the morning and four close battles in the afternoon. And if the issue of Thursday, October 15, in the direct fight with Júlia Pinheiro, at SIC, was again more disputed, as on the day of the debut, on September 23, the remaining two issues resulted in unequivocal leadership for the talk show afternoon of the Balsemão channel.

How can a single format with one of the most iconic faces on television win in the morning and lose in the afternoon? “Audiences are different”, responds an element familiar with television consumption to Diário de Notícias. “The morning auditorium is more feminine, older, more present. The afternoon audience is younger, more dispersed and much more volatile, and it is not necessarily the same from Monday to Friday, there are variations depending on the days”, he adds.

Another element aware of this reality recalls that Cristina’s program ends up calling into question the whole “horizontality” of the grid. In other words, “in the case of very loyal audiences, especially in the programs shown during the day (day time), Cristina’s Day creates a very big cut with the habit of those who see You on TV [com Manuel Luís Goucha] and Afternoon is Yours [com Fátima Lopes]. Now, not having a certain day, it ends up weakening that habit even more “, justifies this same element.

What to do? Cristina Ferreira has been making adjustments to the format since its debut and has started the program earlier and earlier. On Thursday, it took off even before Julia and brought other content like the reality show Big Brother to your living room. Pinheiro, on the other hand, received an heir from Cristina, the emblematic doctor who had accompanied her in the mornings, Almeida Nunes.

The fight from Thursday afternoon was made tenth to tenth percentage, with both parties winning at different times. However, the closed accounts, of those who saw the formats live and already recorded, point to SIC’s victory, with Júlia Pinheiro registering 18.1% of market share, with 373 thousand and 500 spectators tuned compared to 15.5 and 367.200 obtained by Cristina Ferreira, respectively.

“Television is a habit, it is very difficult to move from one channel to the next free of charge”, says another member contacted by DN.


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