Aging is a risk factor for breast cancer, warns oncologist


Mato Grosso Previdência advises retirees to intensify care to monitor their health, since it is at this stage of life that breast cancer is most frequent

Among all types of cancer, the one that most affects women is breast cancer. And the two main risk factors for the disease are: being a woman, and aging, says oncologist Carla Nakata, who is accredited to Mato Grosso Saúde.

The warning is for women over 45 years old, and especially in the elderly, to intensify care to monitor their health, since it is in this stage of life that breast cancer is more frequent.

“Breast cancer can happen at any stage of life, but it is more frequent at around 45, at 65 years of age. For this reason, screening and early diagnosis are important, that is, early in the cancer. The chance of this woman being cured throughout her life is very high, ranging from 95% to 98%, depending on the case. When I diagnose this woman in an advanced setting, the chances decrease ”, explains

The patient who has an early diagnosis may need less expensive and more complicated procedures. “Sometimes the patient who identified cancer early will not even need chemotherapy. Not to mention that she will be cured, being able to return to her normal activities, which is the success of the treatment ”, she evaluates.

Other risk factors involved are obesity, genetics (several cases of breast cancer in the family), or the use of hormonal therapy for patients entering menopause, but for 95% of women, the disease will happen at random.

“The protective factor would be breastfeeding. The greater the number of children and breastfeeding, the longer the better the protection for breast cancer is, ”he points out.

According to data from the National Cancer Institute (Inca), 66 thousand cases of new breast cancer diagnoses are expected in the country. For every 100 thousand women, 61 will be affected with the disease. “The incidence is high, which is why we do this women’s awareness program to screen for breast cancer.”

How to detect

Early diagnosis involves a mammogram, or ultrasound, which is easy and inexpensive. The breast examination self-examination can help the patient to notice any lump and to seek a doctor as soon as possible for exams and diagnosis.

“Most of the time, cancer is asymptomatic. The most frequent symptom is a woman feeling a lump in the breast, or in the armpit. This lump does not hurt, it is hardened, fixed. You can have a red breast, orange peel skin, thicker with dots, there may be an inversion of the nipple, there may be pain, but they are less common symptoms ”, says the specialist.


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