Agreement in the state settlement six hours of overtime


At midnight on Thursday night, there was a mediation deadline for the wage settlement both in the state, the municipal settlement and for Oslo municipality.

The parties to the state settlement decided to continue the mediation overnight. The four main associations LO, YS, Unio and Akademikerne spent six hours on overtime to find a solution in mediation with the state.

– We have got a result we can live with, says Pål N. Arnesen, leader of YS Stat in a press release.

The result is within the front subject framework of 1.7 per cent.

– I am glad that we have reached agreement with all four main associations in the wage settlement in the state. We have thus avoided a strike, says Minister of Local Government and Modernization Nikolai Astrup (H).

Doctors warn of strike

Violation of medical mediation – warns of strike

Simultaneously with the state settlement, there was also a mediation deadline for the municipality of Oslo and the general practitioners in municipalities all over the country. The doctors were the only ones who broke the negotiations in the municipal sector. Just before 02 o’clock on Thursday night, the Norwegian Medical Association announced a break in the mediation, and they are now planning a strike.

– This has been a very demanding mediation. We have gone to great lengths to find a possible solution, but unfortunately failed to agree with KS on a result, says Marit Hermansen, president of the Norwegian Medical Association in a press release.

The mediation breach could affect emergency services in municipalities across the country in the coming weeks. The chief negotiator in the Municipality’s Central Prohibition is disappointed with the Medical Association’s decision.

– We regret that they choose to expose a third party to a strike. We have gone to great lengths to try to reduce the workload for doctors, especially in the districts, but we did not succeed in reaching an agreement that the doctors could accept, Gangsø told TV 2 on Thursday night.

Averted Oslo strike

The third settlement with a deadline at midnight was Oslo Municipality, the country’s largest employer. LO announced that they would take out 1600 employees on strike from the start. The strike would affect kindergartens and a number of other services as early as Thursday morning, but two hours of overtime the parties reached an agreement. in the wage settlement.

The total limit for the wage settlement in the municipality is 1.7 per cent, corresponding to what was given in the front subject.

All employees in Oslo municipality are guaranteed real wage growth with a supplement of 0.9 per cent, but not less than NOK 4,400 with effect from 1 May this year.

Pension winner

In the mediation, the trade union won approval for its main demand to secure the right to negotiate a pension.

– In the long run, this is extremely important to secure the pension rights for our members, says leader Roger Dehlin in the Oslo Trade Union.

All changes in the occupational pension will now be negotiated in the collective bargaining agreements, and the employee organizations can use the right to strike to protect the schemes.

Negotiation manager Mona Bjørnstad in YS Municipality (YS-K) Oslo calls it a historic victory.

– This has been a requirement for many years. The fact that it is now finally in place gives our members better security, she says.


Finansbyråd Einar Wilhelmsen (MDG) in Oslo says he is satisfied that the parties have agreed and says he understands that the employees will agree on a pension.

– The opposition parties, led by the Conservatives, have for several years made their alternative budgets go up by assuming major changes in employees’ pensions, sometimes almost overnight. It is very understandable that this arouses great unrest among our employees, therefore we have chosen to meet the requirement, says Wilhelmsen.

In addition, the settlement ensures the strengthening of work for several full-time positions and the right to paid leave for training, education and further education.


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