“AirPods Studio” may only be launched in 2021 – MacMagazine.com.br


Rumors indicated that “AirPods Studio”, rumored wireless headphones from Apple, would be launched at this week’s special event, in which Apple introduced the HomePod mini and the iPhones 12 mini, 12, 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max to the world.

Shortly thereafter, the leaker Jon Prosser said the headphones would no longer be released at this event. Still, many believed that “AirPods Studio” could show up in October or, perhaps, in November, at the event that Apple will probably hold to launch the first Mac with its own chip.

Well, now, Prosser has returned to give more information about this possible launch.

According to him, the production of the headphones gave a beautiful choking and some key features of the product were eliminated. In the words of leaker, “It looks like they still need to sort out some things before they have the final units.”

Prosser believes that there is a possibility, at best, that the headphones will hit the market in December, being announced in November. Still, they may now only appear in March 2021.

And, with this probable “postponement” of the launch of “AirPods Studio”, Prosser thinks that Apple will now launch the infamous “AirTags” (accessories for tracking). They will necessarily need iOS 14.3 to work, and this new version of the system is scheduled to be available next month.

In fact, Prosser said that the “AirTags” are already ready, just depending on the will (of the “feeling”) from Apple. In other words … anything can happen! 😛


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