Alcolumbre managed to get rid of Senate polls


Photo: Leopoldo Silva / Senado Agency

On the night of September 10, as we reported, the Senate deactivated the system that allows the evaluation of legislative proposals – just when the PEC that provides for the reelection of Davi Alcolumbre was taking a beating from Internet users: until that moment, the proposal had 9,138 votes against and only 143 favorable.

Such maintenance still continues – two experts in Information Technology told this site that an apparently simple problem would not last for so long.

The Senate decided to ignore the questions raised by The Antagonist About the subject. The last response was for us to seek the advice of President Davi Alcolumbre, who also ignored requests for explanation on the subject.

We also sent an email to the president of Prodasen, the responsible area in the Senate. There was no answer.


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