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Two municipalities in the western region of Par received binocular bacteriological microscopes that will improve the diagnosis and treatment of malaria. According to the State Health Secretariat, Alenquer and Almeirim are among the cities in ParĂ¡ with the most records of the disease.

Other cities that received the equipment were Afu, Anajs, Breves, Itaituba, Jacareacanga, Novo Progresso, Pacaj and So Flix do Xingu. In all, 38 pieces of equipment were purchased for R $ 384,940 thousand.

According to data from the Sespa Endemic Control Department, 10,327 thousand cases were confirmed this year against 19,068 registered last year, with a 46% reduction. Compared to 2018, which had 26,098 reported cases of malaria, the reduction was 27%.

According to Sespa, 90% of this year’s records occurred in nine municipalities: Anajs (2,142), Itaituba (1,785), Jacareacanga (1,293), Oeiras do Par (854), Bagre (850), Alenquer (804), Camet (456), Altamira (452) and Breves (388).

Regarding the likely areas of infection, there was a reduction of 70, 7% in the urban area and 58.3% in the rural area. However, there was an increase of 15.2% in transmission in gold mining regions and 37.1% in indigenous territories.

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Malaria is an acute febrile infectious disease, caused by protozoans transmitted by the infected female Anopheles mosquito (nail mosquito), which appear mainly at dusk and dawn.

Illustration shows blood cells infected by malaria parasite Photo: Getty Images / BBC

The most common symptoms of malaria are high fever, chills, tremors, sweating, headache, which can occur cyclically. Many people, before presenting these more characteristic manifestations, feel nauseated, vomiting, tiredness and lack of appetite. The disease can progress to its severe forms if it is not diagnosed and treated in a timely and appropriate manner.

Malaria is a disease that has a simple cure and treatment and is offered by the Unique Health System (SUS).


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