Alexandra Lencastre – Stop being the protagonist of the new SIC soap opera


Alexandra Lencastre was going to be one of the protagonists of the new soap opera SIC, “Heartbeat“, but the channel was forced to make a change of plans regarding the character that was destined for the national fiction diva.

The guarantee is given to TV 7 Dias by a production source, adding that the sudden change left many actors in the plot unresponsive. The role that was to be played by Alexandra Lencastre has already been handed over to another actress. Its about Luisa Cruz, which transits directly from “Nazareth“for the next plot of the Paço de Arcos station.” Alexandra Lencastre’s character will now be played by Luísa, who was also cast in the novel, but for another role “, says a source of” Bate Coração “to the same magazine.

Contacted by TV 7 Dias, an official SIC source stresses that Alexandra Lencastre “will not leave the novel” written by Ana Casaca, but confirms that the actress “will start her participation in the ‘Bate Coração’ project (provisional name) at a later stage of production, in order to make this participation compatible with the other current challenges”.

According to what the same magazine was able to ascertain from another source of the new SIC novel, “Alexandra Lencastre will start recording the novel in about a month”. The rest of the cast is expected to start recording the first scenes “next week”, currently undergoing rehearsals and image tests.

To this day, it is defined that the character initially thought for Luísa Cruz will remain in the history that will be centered on Portuguese popular music. THE General Director of Entertainment at Impresa, Daniel Oliveira, will elect in the coming days the actress who will play this role.

With this sudden change, Luísa Cruz becomes one of the protagonists of the new soap opera by SIC, which still has Joana Santos, Ricardo Pereira, Paulo Rocha, Maria João Bastos and Rita Blanco in the main roles.

Alexandra Lencastre and Rita Blanco side by side

The expectation of having Alexandra Lencastre in the cast of “Bate Coração” is great, not only because the project marks her return to the fiction of SIC, after 17 years of starring in several TVI productions, but also because she would act directly with Rita Blanco, after several years of disagreement between the two actresses.

The intention remains. TV 7 Dias knows that “Alexandra Lencastre’s new character is being written so that she and Rita Banco can act together”. “The two have already solved what they had to solve and are still willing to work side by side, despite this change”, adds a source.

In fact, both were on the September 29 broadcast of the program “Casa Feliz”, presented by Diana Chaves and João Baião, not only to talk about the new project as well as the rapprochement between the two.

TV 7 Dias tried to get a reaction from Alexandra Lencastre, but this remained unreachable during the day.

Text: Patrícia Correia Branco and Dúlio Silva; Photographs: Impala archive and social media reproduction

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