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After hiding from the magazine’Saturday ‘which underwent a breast augmentation operation, Ana Garcia Martins, 39, the famous blogger’ A Pipoca Mais Doce ‘and controversial commentator of’ BB – A Revolução ‘, on TVI, it reveals in a home video that, after all, it increased the breasts. And it went further and went down with the report of other aesthetic treatments to which it has been subjected, revealing that it is, after all, fully turbinated.

Popcorn increases breasts but refuses to talk about the operation

“Surgery, surgery, only here at the breast level. I had a breast augmentation 10 years ago, maybe more, but I don’t remember the year well”, confesses to ‘Pipoca’ in a home video recently made. “I did it because I didn’t have any breasts and I felt like it. It was super complex because I didn’t have a chest. Maybe ten years ago, I was a little insecure. Today, I don’t know if I would, because my relationship with my body has changed.


Then, during the monologue he recorded in his bed at dusk for a brave handful of attentive followers, from among his more than 600 thousand followers on social networks, the ‘Popcorn’ went down to mesoplasty, with a personalized cocktail that puts good amounts of botox and hyaluronic acid, among other chemicals, on the forehead, eyebrow and sides of the mouth, but not on the lips: ” I didn’t put them, they are anyway! “… jura…

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The biggest fear of ‘Pipoca’, however, is not that of having a plastic face, tiny eyes or a face similar to an inflatable doll. “I don’t want to leave looking like a squirrel, with that botox cheek, which is kind of weird. I hate it,” he guarantees.

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But don’t think that the blogger’s aesthetic treatments stop here. Nothing could be more wrong. The commentator of ‘Big Brother’ is also try a carboxitherapy treatment to attack cellulite and stretch marks on the legs. It still only goes in two sessions, but promises that, on the tenth, it tells the faithful followers if the thing works.


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