Alone in Rio de Janeiro, Solange Couto will live in the Artists’ Retreat – Celebrities


Press Release / TV Globo

Actress discussed health at the meeting with Fátima Bernardes this Tuesday (26)

At 63, Solange Couto
is living in Retiro dos Artistas, in Rio de Janeiro. To the Rede TV! Program, “A Tarde é Sua”, this Friday (23), she explained that she moved to the place because of her work. The actress revealed that her husband and son went to live in Pernambuco, but she decided to stay in Rio de Janeiro, living next to her mother until February next year, when she records a series.

“Last year, I came from Pernambuco to Rio de Janeiro with my family, but now my son and my husband decided to return to Pernambuco because of everything. My husband has a job there. I have a series to record in January. and February here in Rio de Janeiro, because of that I decided to stay in Rio “, explained Solange.

“I talked to the direction of Retiro dos Artistas, a place my mother has lived in for a year and a half, a place that I love, that welcomes, that meets, is wonderful. They welcomed me with open arms. Before anyone says anything erroneous, that Solange Gomes this, Solange Gomes that, I say that Solange Gomes is healthy, happily married, with a son and living in Retiro temporarily, close to her mother, until the end of the new job ”, concluded the actress.


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