Altice, NOS and Vodafone to attack ANACOM


The 5G theme has been circulating a lot of discussion. On the one hand, ANACOM and operators on the other. An Independent Study by the international consultant Roland Berger, reveals that there are serious problems with the 5G process in Portugal, led by ANACOM.

Altice recently admitted that 5G regulation is “hostile” and admits measures such as divestment. Vodafone and NOS have also commented.

Altice Portugal reiterated today that there is a “hostile and adverse regulatory environment”, admitting, therefore, that “measures have to be considered” that can go through divestment or “rationalization of involvement in large capital consuming projects”, reveals Lusa .

The Vofadone group said that it is considering the auction of the 5G spectrum in Portugal, because the rules proposed by the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Anacom) are “illegal and discriminatory, which may involve“ bidding less spectrum ”or even “Don't bid”.

NOS considered that the 5G auction rules “are absolutely illegal, unacceptable and disastrous” for the sector and the country.

According to Altice ...

The large investment we have been making in telecommunications in Portugal, which places us at the top of the sector at the international level, must contain an economic rationale that allows the viability of the return on that same investment, supporting the generation of value, the maintenance of dozens thousands of jobs in this industry in our country and the growth of this sector today more than ever indispensable for economic development and growth

Since all national operators are private companies, it is natural that their shareholders legitimately seek to profit from the hundreds of millions of euros that they inject annually into our economy, looking for a stable, predictable environment that stimulates investment.

The moment we live in Portugal is, unfortunately, the opposite. We live in a hostile and adverse regulatory environment, which not only does not stimulate investment, but retracts any investor in betting on our country in the telecommunications sector, a sector where from the Government to independent associations, including major international consultants and technology manufacturers, all are unanimous in criticizing the management of the 5G dossier by Anacom

5G: Altice, NOS and Vodafone to attack ANACOM

The pandemic forced changes to the timetable and auction for the allocation of licenses for 5G to be launched later this month. 5G will be debated in parliament today, with PSD recommending national 'roaming' while CDS-PP advocates 'roaming' in low density areas and BE and PCP recommending the suspension of the auction and public management and exploitation of the spectrum .

It should also be recalled that the operators submitted complaints about the conditions defined by ANACOM for the entry of new players. According to the revelations, one of the points in the document with the most criticism from operators is the 25% discount on the spectrum price acquired by new entrants in the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz bands. At the same time, there is no counterpart for these new licenses. coverage and network development obligations.

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