Amanda Ramalho: “I only got better when I stopped lying to my therapist” – 10/16/2020


In the last panel of VivaBem Mental Health Week, which took place this Friday (16), journalist and digital influencer Amanda Ramalho revealed that she only felt an improvement in her mental condition after she became more honest with her therapist and psychiatrist .

“I only really got better when I stopped lying to my psychiatrist and my therapist. When I started to be honest, the treatment evolved in a much bigger way,” he said, during the conversation with psychiatrist Jairo Bouer and psychoanalyst Christian Dunker.

The journalist said she was boycotting her own treatment for fear of saying certain things. According to her, in her first experience in therapy, at the age of 15, she was already lying to the specialist, because she wanted to be discharged. “But this is an illusion. They know we are lying. When you start to get better it is magical, you feel like you have wasted time ignoring this problem.”

Ramalho also said that whoever “edits” the therapy session is the patient himself, and not the professional. She said that if the individual does not even consider a certain issue as a problem or is ashamed to expose it during the consultation, the debate does not evolve, much less the treatment.


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