Ambiel freaks out and cries after peons sing music from her ex


Luiza Ambiel freaked out this Friday morning (9/10) in A Fazenda 12 after listening to Lidi Lisboa and Tays Reis singing the song É Tarde Demais, by the group Raça Negra. It turns out that the actress is ex-girlfriend of singer Luiz Carlos, responsible for composing the song. She saw the attitude of the other peons as a provocation.

“I’m quiet down there, doing my thing, and Lidi and Tays are there in the treehouse singing Raça Negra’s music”, she complained, bursting into the Fazenda headquarters.


Mirella questioned what was the song that the peons were singing, to which Luiza replied: “One of my ex”. The funkeira did not like the joke and went after getting satisfaction. “No, Mirella, it doesn’t taste like that! This is what they want ”, asked the farmer of the week. “I’ll! I’m already pissed with these two, ”replied MC.

Victória Villarim questioned Luiza if the attitude had, in fact, been to provoke. “Of course it was! [Estavam] singing loudly, I was there in the workshop! ”shouted Ambiel. “But even I didn’t know!”, Tried to argue the dancer. “They did know,” said Jojo Todynho.

“Of course they know! They started to sing a single song! Just what Cartolouco was trying to guess if it was the song he [Luiz Carlos] had done for me? Is this a coincidence or am I crazy? ”Explained Ambiel.


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