American tennis player tests positive for covid-19 and flees from Russia in a jet – 10/15/2020


Tennis player Sam Querrey, number 49 in the ATP ranking, broke a protocol after testing positive for covid-19. The American used a private jet to “flee” from Russia, where he would dispute the ATP 500 in St. Petersburg. The information was published by New York Times journalist Ben Rothenberg.

It turns out that the local determination is that everyone diagnosed with coronavirus stays 15 days in the country. Querrey was with his wife and eight-month-old son. All tested positive for covid-19. So far, the tennis player’s whereabouts have not been revealed.

The ATP (Association of Professional Tennis Players) issued an official note on the matter.

“ATP is aware of an incident involving a player who committed a serious violation of the Covid-19 protocol at the St. Petersburg tournament. Adherence to security protocols is essential to ensure that events occur safely and within the guidelines set by the local authorities “, says the note.

“Players and their support team members are reminded that violations of protocol can impair the ability to operate an event and have repercussions for the rest of the circuit. According to the ATP code of conduct, we are taking this issue very seriously seriously, because an investigation is underway “, he adds.


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