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It shows the overview of the US Elections Project on Thursday. Almost 52 million are postal votes, while over 28 million of the pre-voters have turned up physically.

Most advance votes have entered California (8.5 million), Texas (8.4 million) and Florida (7.4 million).

– This is about Donald Trump. It is to a lesser extent a choice about Joe Biden. It is first and foremost a referendum on Trump on both sides, says Eirik Løkke, who is an adviser to Civita and an expert on American politics.

Urix explains:

New polls: Trump has more than halved Biden’s Florida leadership

HECTIC PROGRAM: President Donald Trump with Melania Trump during an election rally in Tampa.

Photo: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

Tracks record attendance

Professor Michael McDonald at the University of Florida administers the US Election Project, and he believes the many preliminary votes indicate a high turnout for the election, according to The Guardian.

McDonald’s predicts that 150 million Americans will vote this year.

Then the turnout will reach 65 percent. There has not been such high support in a US presidential election since 1908.

The òg:

Advance polls suggest the United States may have its highest turnout since 1908

– It is the Democrats who serve on this, says Eirik Løkke.

He thinks it is first and foremost democrats who are now standing in line leading the polling station.

– Democrats have urged voters to vote early to make sure the votes are counted this year.

The corona pandemic and the fear of chaos and long queues at the polling station on election day, and also threats from various militia groups that they will show up outside the polling station, are also highlighted as some of the reasons for the high turnout in advance.

Important voices

Preliminary votes could also be very decisive in North Carolina and Pennsylvania in this year’s election.

The US Supreme Court will allow the electoral authorities in these tipping states to receive and count ballot papers delivered by post for several days after the election, writes NTB.

Election 2020 Biden

ELECTION INQUIRY: Joe Biden during an election meeting on Thursday.

Photo: Andrew Harnik / AP

The Supreme Court bases its decision on possible delays with the US Postal Service.

North Carolina is one of several potentially important swing states in the presidential election.

On the website FiveThirtyEight’s compilation of opinion polls for the state, Joe Biden has challenged a 2.1 percentage point lead over President Donald Trump.

– Trump was behind the opinion polls also in the previous election, but still won. Can’t the same thing happen again?

– There is a significant difference. Then he faced Hillary Clinton, who was more unpopular. Trump was also a more undescribed magazine. Now the voters know what he stands for, comments Løkke.

3. november chooses the United States between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Here you will find out what they stand for, who they are and the most important topics for the election in 2020.

Joe Biden (77 years) Barack Obama’s Vice President from 2008 to 2016. Senator. The oldest presidential candidate in US history.

Donald Trump (74 years) Current President of the United States. Businessman, billionaire and reality celebrity. Won against Hillary Clinton in 2016.


Obama’s Vice President. Long career in American politics, a famous face and popular vice president. High support among minority voters.


Sitting presidents poses strongly. The US economy did very well before the corona pandemic, has very loyal and enthusiastic voters.


Will be America’s oldest president ever, if he wins. May appear undisciplined in debates. Long career in the Senate where he has supported policies that are seen by many as wrong today.


Low support among minority voters and women. Often repeats untrue claims. Gets criticism for handling the corona pandemic and the protests against racism and police violence.


Kamala Harris (55)

Wanted to be the Democrats’ presidential candidate. Withdrew in December last year and stood behind Joe Biden in March. Former California Attorney General.


Mike Pence (61)

Hosted Donald Trump’s Vice President for four years. Christian conservative and popular with religious voters. Former governor of Indiana.

This is how the electoral system works

The tipping states decide the choice

A tipping state is a state that has no clear democratic or republican majority. It is these states that in practice decide the election.

Assumed tipping states in this year’s presidential election:

The list of tipping states is based on the election results in recent years and updated opinion polls.

Glossary for the presidential election

Because of the corona pandemic, many millions of Americans will vote by mail. Completed ballot papers must then either be sent by regular mail, or delivered in secured envelopes. 180 million Americans will be able to vote by mail. The question is whether the US postal system will be able to handle the many votes.

Although the names of Donald Trump and Joe Biden are on the ballot, American voters are voting electors. They are the ones who elect the president. A total of 538 voters will be elected. A candidate needs 270 voters to get a majority – and thus win the presidential election. The number of electors depends on the number of members of Congress, as determined by the population of the state, as well as the number of senators, with each state having two representatives. Therefore, it is possible to win the election without having a majority of voters behind you, as Trump did in 2016.

The rust belt is often used to describe regions in the United States that once lived well off industry, but are now characterized by unemployment, poverty and emigration. The area runs from the northeast of the United States to the north of the Midwest. The rust belt runs through key swing states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan, which Donald Trump won in 2016.

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