Amid the crisis and mass layoffs, Mouse is removed from the SBT


Mouse was diagnosed with coronavirus (Photo: Reproduction / SBT)

The presenter had to explain himself to the audience and spoke about the unexpected decision

It is no longer news to anyone that SBT is going through a crisis and withdrawal from the squad. This Thursday (22), it was announced the removal of little mouse of the broadcaster.

However, the departure of the famous is temporary, although it causes some embezzlement, since the direction had plans for his program in the coming weeks. For those who did not know, they had even marked the return of the audience.

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In a video posted on social media, Ratinho explained the situation to the people who accompanied him. “I have been doing regular exams and this week I found that I have a coronavirus,” said Ratinho, who said he was fine, as far as possible.

“I am calm and without any symptoms. As a result, I will be away for a few days. Do not worry. I am following all the rules and protocols. Thank you all for your support, ”he replied for the various messages of affection.

However, it has not yet been officially announced how the situation of his nighttime attraction will look. But, it seems, the production will use replayed content to try to maintain the average audience.

little mouse
Mouse confessed to being afraid of being sent away by Silvio Santos (Photo: Reproduction / SBT)

SBT goes through a complicated situation amid the changes

Although Ratinho seems out of the woods, other stars in the house are in Silvio Santos’ sights. Among them, Christina Rocha, from Casos de Família. Rachel Sheherazade, Roberto Cabrini, Leão Lobo, Lívia Andrade and Mamma Bruschetta were sent away. Maisa Silva asked for the bills and Eliana is studying to go to Globo.

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