Amy Coney Barrett: What is the People of Praise, the group to which Trump’s nominee belongs to the Supreme Court?


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Barrett’s appointment put the spotlight on the People of Praise community

“When you read your speeches, the conclusion you reach is that dogma lives strongly within you.”

With these words, Senator Dianne Feinstein summed up the Democratic legislators’ concern about Judge Amy Coney Barrett, who this week is undergoing confirmation hearings in the United States Congress after being nominated by President Donald Trump as Supreme Court judge .

Feinstein’s phrase, which made direct reference to Barrett’s religious faith and recalled that “dogma and law are two different things”, was not pronounced now, but in September 2017, when she was appointed judge of a Court of Appeal.

The issue resurfaced in 2018, when it was discovered that Barrett’s name was on a Trump list to replace Judge Anthony Kennedy, who retired from the Supreme Court.


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