An elderly woman showing the middle finger. How Berlin draws attention to the use of a mask


A new Berlin tourism campaign went against all the rules and shows what is usually objectionable. In order to convince the most disobedient to use a mask, the German capital used an elderly woman, with a handmade mask, to show the middle finger, in protest to all those who do not use facial protection.

“Those who don’t wear a mask will bug us – we obey the rules of the corona,” says the ad, launched in September and which has now gone viral, and which has caused controversy among the citizens of Berlin.

The advertisement is part of a campaign that the city will run for six months, until March 2021, and which began with advertisements on public transport.

Some ads are based on images, others are entirely textual. One reads “Liberté. Egalité. Charité?”, A pun between the French national motto and the name of one of the most well-known hospitals in Berlin, Charité.

Still, it is the woman showing the middle finger that has most caught the public’s attention.

Christian Tänzler, a spokesman for Visit Berlin, and one of those responsible for the announcement, told CNN that the purpose of the image was to shock people into paying attention. “Most people in Berlin are respecting the rules, but there is a minority that are not and are risking the lives of other people – older people and communities at risk. We wanted to address this problem,” he said.


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