Analysis: action against Ponte will not be the standard of Cruzeiro, and believing in taking off today is an illusion | cruise


Another game has passed, and Cruzeiro continues with football worse and worse. The defeat for Sampaio Corrêa is catastrophic, but no more than the performance. She, once again, takes away any expectation that this team will be able to get off enough to score for access.

Ney Franco seems lost. Stacks errors. Henrique, for almost ten years, has not been a second midfielder. Against Sampaio, it was for a while. In the second, when the coach tried to correct this error in advance, Machado committed another: playing with Sassá open on the left. He repeated what had not worked against Cuiabá and which will probably never work. It is a matter of character.

Cruzeiro x Sampaio Corrêa, in Mineirão, for Serie B – Photo: Bruno Haddad / Cruzeiro

Cruzeiro does not work in almost any aspect as a team. It does not have intensity, it does not manage to score pressure, it does not have compaction when it goes down the lines to score in its field and it is difficult to score with fold, facilitating for the opponents. That was the case for Pimentinha, on this Wednesday, and for Yago, in the second half of the match with Cuiabá.

The attack, then, is hardly talked about. The first full time was working only on the area balls for the defense of Sampaio (point, this, which evolved, yes, with Ney Franco). In addition to not being close, the team still needs to deal with parts that produce little. Régis, as in most of his career, has been a flash player. Arthur Caike is another that lacks consistency. Airton plays alone, but has problems finishing his moves.

To reach 59 points, which was the worst campaign with access (from Vitória, in 2007), Cruzeiro will need 67% of use. Today, it has 40%. This use would be in the best of scenarios, since in 2012, for example, São Caetano scored 71 points and was out.

Best moments of Cruzeiro 1×2 Sampaio Corrêa for Serie B of the Brazilian Championship

The signs of a sprint, since the third round, only appeared against the Bridge. Game, that, which was a point outside the curve within what is the 2020 Cruise. With what you are presenting today, collectively and individually, believing in access is pure illusion.

In addition to this, there is still the psychological problem more shaken and debts that knock at the door. The cast received neither August nor September salaries. Three offensive pieces train at Toca waiting for regularization, but even Cruzeiro himself does not believe he will win the appeal at FIFA. In this case, will you have R $ 7.2 million to enroll those who already have a signed contract?

There is absolutely nothing the fan can hold on to to hope that the centenary will be (at least a little) different from what was 2019 and what is being 2020, on and off the pitch.


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