Analysis: Kamala Harris’ powerful phrase in debate helps break US racist and sexist stereotype | US Elections 2020


Thirty years ago it would have been unimaginable to see a black woman, on TV, say to the country’s vice president, “Excuse me, because I haven’t finished speaking.” But it happened a lot, since Mike Pence tried to interrupt his speech at least 16 times (while she tried nine).

To know why each “Mr. Vice President, I’m still speaking” said by Harris was so important, it is necessary to understand a little of the culture of the USA.

His sentence became powerful for a reason: there is a racist, sexist stereotype in the country, which is to associate the black woman with a woman without emotional stability, a hysterical woman. Whenever a man wants a black woman to feel devalued, he uses this type of association.

Therefore, Kamala having presented himself throughout the debate in an absolutely calm manner, speaking in a low, yet very firm tone, and demanding respect from his opponent, helped to break this stereotype.

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